About Rik Rushton

Rik Rushton is a “time tested” Peak Performance Coach and Platform Speaker who has impacted key people from leading brands (Emirates, Holden, CGU, NAB), as well as professional sports organisations (Collingwood FC, Western Bulldogs, Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia).

From the board room, to the training room, through to the conference platform, Rik’s success drivers in both business and personal pursuits have been shared with more than 200,000 people from more than 1,500 empowering presentations.

He draws on more than a quarter of a century of professional sales, management and business ownership to provide life changing content for audiences across Australasia and across the globe as an in-demand speaker throughout the Asia Pacific region as well as the USA!

The Author of The Power of Connection — How to become a master communicator in your workplace, in your headspace and at your place, which made the “best-sellers list” in 2018, Rik is ready to share his latest success strategies with you.


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