Rik's Coaching Club™

Thank you for enquiring on our Coaching Club™ which has been successfully enhancing the performance of professionals throughout Australasia since 2000. Put simply, we coach the gap between your total potential and your current results. My team and I have been constantly updating the material we present. Systems, Skills and Strategies that we believe will instantly change your life for the better.

We base all of our coaching positions on the quality of each applicant, as assessed by your completed questionnaire attached with this letter. We have added clients to our Club beyond the waiting list if their applications warrants. As you have enquired on our one on one coaching program to join a group of individual clients that I work with in a more intimate way, your response in the questionnaire is critical. To be a part of our club we will first need you to complete the attached questionnaire to obtain direct coaching with me.

To ensure that all of your Coaching needs would be met with this proposal, please read the attached questionnaire carefully. Your answers to these questions are critical in our ability to deliver a quality coaching experience.

One handy tip when answering these questions is to allow yourself the freedom of time. Be sure that there are no interruptions so that you can honestly answer all of these vital questions.  Once you have completed this important task, please send your responses in the supplied envelope which in turn, will allow us to offer you a relevant coaching option. Your forms will be treated with the highest discretion so that your privacy is assured.

Before we can work with you, we need to know all about you so your honest appraisal of YOURSELF is greatly appreciated. I look forward to being your COACH over the next year. One who will see you for who you are and help you see your next level and beyond.  To have that privilege is something I do not take for granted. 

I hope that you will join us in one of our Coaching Options and we look forward to adding value to your business and personal life.


Rik Rushton

Rik Rushton